STORY BEHIND la Lovie Founded in 2009 by Irene and her husband, la Lovie reflects what we all value most in life: lovejoy and beauty. la Lovie was created to bring a sort of comfortable, whimsical and well designed hand craftsmanship to every day wear for adored little ones in our lives. It started the year their daughter was born with luxuriously designed knit blankets, sweaters, and leggings. Along the way mistakes were made and many new lessons were learned. As their kids grew so did la Lovie.

Today, la Lovie represents the growth they have undergone, and a shift towards sustainable living, slow craft artistry and functional aesthetics.

Drawing on inspirations from nature, antique shops, thrift stores, and fashion, la Lovie uses vintage and found fabrics to create a truly unique look in their handmade dolls, nightlights, musical soft toys and decorative objects. 

Each and every item found on la Lovie is individually hand-sewn, hand crafted and hand finished in their quaint studio. Every stitch, every print, and every design has Irene’s personal, creative, je ne sais quoi touch to it that can not be replicated. Each product is designed and hand made with the goal of creating wonder and whimsical imagination in its receiver. No matter the age, all who receives a la Lovie product, makes a special connection with it. 


Born and raised in Taiwan, Irene began sewing/making doll clothes when she was 8-years-old. Playing with dolls was a major part of her life, right up to the time she went to fashion school. After fashion school, she worked in the fashion industry for 20 years before starting la Lovie.

Today, Irene spends most of her time in the comforts of her studio, enjoying the therapeutic process of doing what she loves most; creating, sewing, and slow-crafting products that reflect her beautiful spirit. Offering beauty and joy through each and every one of her finished treasures.