About Us

Hello and welcome to my little shop, la Lovie

STORY BEHIND la LovieMy husband and I started la Lovie the year our daughter was born.  In the passing years, we designed knit blankets, sweaters, leggings and cut-and-sew t-shirts….we made mistakes and learned new things. We grew, and the growth sometimes was difficult.  There is a saying: “the most difficult trails lead to the most beautiful views.”  As we became older, our values changed and we saw the world differently. 

We changed the focus of la Lovie to slow crafted nursery decor. I created handmade dolls for treasured little ones as well as adults who are young at heart.   I then began to create decor objects, such as nightlights and musical soft toys.  Now, I design and make all la Lovie products in our home studio with love and attention to each detail. 

Besides the dolls, I also like creating beautiful objects to surround baby’s crib or a child’s bed, objects that will help comfort children.

ABOUT FOUNDER- Irene I was born and raised in Taiwan. Before starting Ia Lovie, I worked for decades as a fashion designer, and I also taught fashion design to young kids.

Now, I am crafting full time for the first time ever. I am really excited because I am doing what I love.  I started sewing/ making doll clothes when I was 8-years-old, and playing with dolls was a big part of my life, right up to the time that I went to fashion school…….Making dolls seems so natural to me. I love to use vintage and found fabrics to create a really unique look. I look for inspiration in nature, antique shops in our town, thrift stores, and, yes, fashion. I enjoy sewing each of my dolls.  Watching my dolls come alive is a joyful process.