Advent Calendar Fabric Panel


Make this Advent Calendar and the time before Christmas will be full of magic. This listing is for ONE fabric panel only .

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The sewing instructions are easy to follow. You will make 24 small house pockets — that means 24 opportunities to surprise your loved ones.  String the houses with felt balls and decorate any way you like.

Fabric Panel size is approx. : 18″ x 36″
Fabric Contents: 100% Cotton, proudly printed in USA

-2 yards of 1/8” or 1/4” wide cotton ribbon. Cut into 24 pcs, each piece 3“~6” long for house loops.
-sewing thread
-Sharp fabric scissors for fabric and small scissors for cutting thread
-Wooden stick for turning parts through and stuffing (e.g. chopstick,
paint brush or knitting needle)

-Sewing machine

1. Cut all piece out along the dotted line.
2. Place folded ribbon at “B’’. (See Fig. 1)
3. Fold each house fabric in half vertically with right side facing inward
and pin in place. (See Fig. 2)
4. To make pockets: sew 1/4” around and leave opening to turn inside out. (See Fig. 3 )
4. Turn the house inside out by pulling through opening. Press with iron (optional)
5. Close opening with whipstitch or ladder stitch.
7. Fold the house in half from the bottom of the house. (See Fig. 4 )
8. Align the top edge of the facade with the bottom of the roof.
9. Edge stitch both sides (leave the top open). (See Fig. 5 )
10. Repeat for all pieces
11. String the houses and decorate any way you like.


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